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High Performance Tyre Gel

A super durable tyre gel that leaves either a high gloss or natural satin finish

Product Info

Perfectly dressed tyres complete the look of your clean car. High Performance Tyre Gel is a long lasting, sweet scented tyre dressing. It contains active silicone polymers which contribute to the depth of shine and durability.

To ensure precise and even coverage apply with our Perfect Polish Applicator.

It can leave you with a high gloss or natural ‘new tyre’ finish, whichever you prefer. 

Hvordan du bruker dette produktet

How to use:

1. For best results ensure your tyres are clean and dry. Apply a small amount of High Performance Tyre Gel to a Perfect Polish Applicator.

2. Work the gel into the contours of the tyre wall, applying more product as required.

3. Leave for a few minutes to dry for a high gloss finish or immediately wipe over with a clean microfibre cloth for a satin sheen.

PRO TIP: For an ultra-high gloss finish apply a second coat once the first has dried.

Due to slippery characteristics use only on recommended areas. Do not use on motorcycle tyres. 

Ofte stilte spørsmål

Q: How does the product differ from Instant Tyre Dressing?
A:  Instant Tyre Dressing is a sprayable liquid that can be applied to wet or dry tyres. High Performance Tyre Gel can be left for a high sheen or wiped for a more natural matt finish.

Q: What should I use to apply this product? 

A: New High Performance Tyre Gel is applied with the Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator. This applicator allows for a more detailed application and the gel is proven to offer a longer-lasting finish. Like Instant Tyre Dressing, no buffing generates high gloss finish, but wiping with a cloth whilst the gel is still wet creates a more natural satin finish.  

Q: What happens if High Performance Tyre Gel is used on wet tyres?
A:  We recommend that freshly-washed tyres are allowed to dry or at least be wiped dry prior to application. This ensures that High Performance Tyre Gel dries evenly and leaves a consistently excellent finish on the tyres. Applying to wet wheels may result in an uneven, patchy finish.

Q: Can this product be used on motorcycles or bicycles?
A:  No. This product leaves a gloss finish which can be slippery – do not use on motorcycle or bicycle tyres or control surfaces of any vehicle.


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